Late night drinkers fined for breaking Covid-19 rules

REGULATION VIOLATIONS: Police said none of the group were wearing face masks or social distancing CREDIT: Policia Nacional

POLICE in Almeria issued sanctions against a group of 12 people after finding them boozing in a bar in the provincial capital at three in the morning.

None of the drinkers in the establishment on Calle Poeta Luis Cernuda were wearing face masks. Nor were they bothering about social distancing.

They all now face fines for breaking the health and safety measures established in a Royal Decree of June 9 aimed at preventing and containing the spread of Covid-19.


Police also sanctioned the bar for being open to the public outside the permitted hours.

All establishments now have to close by 1am, and new customers cannot be admitted after midnight.

Police issued a reminder that it is compulsory for everyone over the age of six to wear a mask on the street, in open-air public spaces and in enclosed areas for public use, even where an interpersonal distance of 1.5 metres can be guaranteed.

Failing to do so means a €100 fine.


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