Joint strategy to secure European funds for Almeria

COMMON OBJECTIVE: The central aim is “generating wealth and employment in the province and improving the lives of all Almeria residents”, the Diputacion president said. CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

PLANNING a joint strategy to secure EU funding for Almeria was the main subject on the agenda during talks between provincial council President Javier A. Garcia and Junta de Andalucia Finance and European Financing regional minister Juan Bravo.

The Diputacion president is particularly looking for regional government collaboration on ensuring Almeria’s request for Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) programme funds for promoting advances in three key areas for the province’s economic structure: water sources, renewable energy and agri-food.

The project backed by the Almeria Province Business Confederation (ASEMPAL) and the Almeria Provincial Council could mean a “before and after” for the province, according to Garcia.


He said support from the Junta to gain ITI funds and see this important project move forward is essential, and described the meeting with Bravo on Wednesday at the Diptuacion de Almeria’s Provincial Palace as “very productive.”

The head of the regional administration reported that the talks had also covered other European projects and joint initiatives and actions between the Diputacion and the Junta in different areas, but all with the common objective of “generating wealth and employment in the province and improving the lives of all Almeria residents.”

At a press briefing after the meeting Bravo spoke of his “excitement and optimism” about what the Andalucia government and Europe could bring to Almeria.

“Europe has put more than €140,000 for Spain on the table to be able to carry out actions along this line”, he pointed out.

“Almeria province has our commitment on starting to work with the management of European Funds to see how we can capture them for specific projects which we defend in Europe, and which we make a reality.”


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