Choose your spot on the Levante beach

Choose your spot on the Levante beach

THE reservations system introduced for Benidorm’s Levante beach in July is no longer operative.

Local mayor Toni Perez also announced that all beaches will close each night at 9pm.

The town hall’s Benidorm Beach Safety was designed from the outset to adapt to circumstances or conditions, triggering the reservations system on July 17, the mayor said.


A total of 167,012 reservations were made – 121,757 of them online – with 299,914 people visiting the Levante beach since then.

“With a reduction in the demand for beach spaces, the town hall no longer needs the system to ensure that everyone can enjoy our beaches in peace and safety,” the mayor added.

Between June 15 when Benidorm’s beaches reopened to the public and last Monday, 1.8 million people visited the Levante, Mal Pas and Poniente beaches, without taking into account those who took early morning walks or went to the beaches only to swim.

The busiest day for all beaches was August 15, when they were visited by 43,610 people, Perez said.

The mayor also revealed that 94 per cent of the people using the beaches were Spanish.  The majority of the remaining 6 per cent were French, followed by the British, Portuguese, Italians and Belgians.

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