Kevin Spacey hit with two sexual assault suits

Kevin Spacey hit with two sexual assault suits
Anthony Rapp said Kevin Spacey made a sexual advance to him when he attended a party. image: Twitter

Kevin Spacey hit with two sexual assault suits. Actor Anthony Rapp and another man filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against actor Kevin Spacey, accusing him of sexual assaults in the 1980s when they were teens.

Rapp, appeared in “Rent” on Broadway and in “Star Trek: Discovery” and had first spoken out against the Oscar-winning Spacey in 2017, a decision that led to others speaking up and Spacey’s up-to-the celebrated career coming to an abrupt end.


In the lawsuit, filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan, Rapp detailed what he has said publicly about Kevin Spacey, that the older actor made a sexual advance towards him when, as a teenager, he attended a party.

More than 30 men have so far accused Spacey of some type of sexual misconduct. The Oscar-winning actor was written out of “House of Cards,” the Netflix political intrigue drama in which Spacey starred as U.S. President Frank Underwood. Netflix suspended production in November of the sixth and final season of the drama.

Netflix also severed ties with Spacey’s other projects, including a movie about late author Gore Vidal.


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