School kids in Greece not wearing face masks banned from classrooms

Greece schools masks obligatory
FIRM STANCE: Greek Education Minister Niki Kerameos made it clear that a child will not be allowed to attend classes without a face mask. CREDIT: Niki Kerameus Facebook @NikiKerameus

SCHOOL kids not wearing face masks will be banned from Greece’s classrooms when the new term starts next week.

Greek Education Minister Niki Kerameos told a national TV station that if a child refuses to put on a mask or if they are encouraged by their parents not to use a mask then they will not be allowed to attend classes.

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It will also be compulsory to wear masks on school buses and in all outside areas.

The face mask rule prompted hundreds of parents to take part in protests against the move in a number of cities at the weekend.

According to press reports, the government’s general secretariat is in the process of drafting a joint ministerial decision which will set out in detail the new measures aimed at preventing Covid-19 infections in educational establishments and which will also provide legal cover for teachers who will have to implement the regulations.

Last month the country’s Interior Minister Panagiotis Theodorikakos authorised the first part of a €6.2 million extraordinary subsidy for providing fabric face masks for pupils and teachers at all primary and secondary education institutes.

He also made it clear that it is the responsibility of local councils to make sure schools are prepared for a safe reopening.

Schools in Greece are set to reopen their doors next Monday September 14, a week later than originally planned.

The Greek government decided to delay the return to classes by a week due to a rise in new cases of Covid-19 in the country in recent weeks.


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