Ray of hope for Spanish tourism as Germany announces more focused travel warnings

MISSED: Germany is an important market for the Spanish tourism sector CREDIT: Govern Illes Baleares Sala de Prensa

THERE is a small ray of hope for the pandemic hammered Spanish tourism sector as Germany announces it will be introducing more focused travel warnings from the beginning of October.

The German generalised recommendation against all but essential travel to some 160 countries due to the risk of Covid-19 infection will be lifted on September 30, government spokesperson Martina Fiez announced on Wednesday.

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From then on the Foreign Ministry will analyse the virus situation in each country and issue specific warnings for nations and for regions.

Fiez said the German Cabinet’s decision will affect 160 countries currently on the list of risk zones, among them Spain.

Given the importance of the German market to Spanish tourism, the drop in the number of visitors from the northern European country this summer has been a tough blow, especially to regions like Catalonia and the Canary and Balearic Islands.


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