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Authorities claim that there is no community contagion in Malaga

community contagion
The Hospital Clinico In Malaga on the Costa del Sol. CREDIT: Twitter

RESIDENTS are desperate to know, is there or is there not a community contagion in the province of Malaga?

The Minister of the Presidency assured this Tuesday, September 8, during the press conference of the Government Council, that in the province of Malaga there was “talk about community contagion” of coronavirus, and that is why the Ministry of Health and Families has advised that they should “limit mass events to only what is strictly necessary.”

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A day later, in a circular issued by IU and sent to nursing homes, it can be seen that the Ministry of Health recognised the “active community transmission” on the Costa del Sol, 15 days before commenting on it at the government headquarters.

However, on September 9, it was the Deputy Minister of Health, Catalina García, who has opposed Elías Bendodo, assuring that no community contagion exists in Malaga.

García acknowledges the high incidence of the virus in the province but affirms that it is not yet about community transmission, which would imply tougher control measures that could even reach partial confinements, as the counsellor Jesús Aguirre assured a few days ago.
The vice-counsellor attributes the error in the assessment to a report prepared by an epidemiologist from Malaga to justify the restriction on entry and exit to nursing homes.
He assures and insists that the entire province cannot be considered in community contagion and that this epidemiologist does not have data from all of Malaga.
Although at all times, there has been talk of the Costa del Sol area and potential partial confinements, not of the entire province.
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