Hurricane-force Winds Hit Utah Leaving Important Damages


Hurricane-force winds slam the state of Utah on Tuesday causing multiple trees to fall, schools to close, and more than 175,000 places lost power.

THE National Weather Service reported that in northern Utah gusts reached at least 99 mph with devastating winds that concentrated in the north of Salt Lake County. 


Governor Gary Herbert posted on Twitter: “If you live in an area impacted by today’s high winds, please stay home to stay safe.” Then added: “We are working to keep critical infrastructure open. When it is safe to do so, help with cleanup in your local area. (This may not be until tomorrow.)”

The streets were compromised by downed trees making schools in the Davis, Weber, and Ogden districts close due to unsafe travel conditions. There are others such as The Salt Lake City School District which had to close because of the power outages. The Utah Highway Patrol said that several lorries were blown over and trees and power lines are blocking highways and interstates in those areas. 

Also, the University of Utah and Weber State University cancelled classes and reported gusts around the school hit 112 mph. Moreover, several Utah clinics and Covid-19 testing centres might deal with closures and delays.


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