Huge interest in Loggerhead Turtle hatchings due shortly

Calahonda beach

WHEN the Fuengirola Council announced in early August that a Loggerhead Turtle had laid eggs on the beach in Los Boliches, it was understood that they would be transferred to a less busy site.

Now the Marbella Council has said that they are actually buried at a beach in Calahonda and that it, alongside the Pro Dunas Association is monitoring the site 24 hours a day from September 10 to October 4 and if hatching is delayed this period could be extended

It’s a time-consuming wait so an appeal is being made for volunteers to join the watch to register at the association’s website and depending on the number of volunteers, day or night shifts of at least three hours will be established in groups of between two and four people.


A tent will be installed in the area to make surveillance more comfortable but always guaranteeing compliance with the hygienic-sanitary prevention measures against Covid-19.

Both the City Council and the Pro Dunas Association encourage volunteers to participate in this environmental milestone on the coasts of Malaga.

Once registration is completed, the volunteers will receive a map of the location of the sea turtle nest and an individual accreditation as a volunteer that they must carry with them during the surveillance and present at the request of any Environmental Agent.

For the night shifts, they must have warm clothing and a torch as well as food and drink.


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