Germans eye Poland as the next strong European economy

The vibrant city of Szczecin just across the Polish border Credit: Tomasz Przywecki flickr

THE living conditions and economy of Eastern Germany following reunification have never been as good as those enjoyed in the western part and despite significant investment, this continues to be true today.

Relationships between Germany and Poland were delicate after the Second World War but now as older generations pass away, so Germany is looking east again but this time on economic terms.

At one time German children were encouraged to learn English, French and Spanish, but now many, particularly those near the almost 500 kilometre border between the two countries, are now learning Polish especially as more and more Poles are setting in Germany.


At one time Poland was considered the place to buy cheap cigarettes and invite workers to undertake the sort of jobs that Germans didn’t want but this is now all changing.

There has been an economic boom in the country which has seen Spanish workers moving there and because house prices have risen in parts of Poland, it is becoming more attractive for Polish families to purchase run down property in Eastern Germany.

As Polish children learn German as a second language in their state schools, so Germany has had Polish language school books for just over 10 years and there definitely appears to be a merging of interests particularly as both countries are members of Schengen which means that there are no cross-border restrictions.

Even German politicians are suggesting that the Polish language should be on school curriculums and that to be fluent in that language will help children as they grow up to find a better life.

As East Germany has a fairly stagnant economic future, there are cities across the border which are vibrant with plenty of work and modern shopping centres with all of the latest fashions.

It may just be that 80 years on from the invasion of Poland, a new far healthier invasion may take place.


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