78 per cent of Spaniards live in a territory free of circuses with wild animals

Elephants roaming the motorway after a crash in Murcia Credit: InfoCircos

WITH the recent approval by the Castile-La Mancha Parliament of the new Animal Protection Law, which includes a ban on circus shows with wild animals in Castile-La Mancha, 12 Autonomous Communities have now banned these shows.

Over the last four years pressure group InfoCircos has been in regular contact with the Parliamentary Groups of the Cortes in order to achieve the prohibition of circuses with wild animals in Castilla-La Mancha.

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With Castilla-La Mancha joining the ban, 78 per cent of the Spanish population now lives in territory free of circuses with wild animals, either in the 12 Autonomous Communities where these shows have been banned, or in the municipalities that have declared themselves free of circuses with wild animals

According to Marta Merchán of InfoCircos, “The ban on the use of wild animals in circus shows is something about which there is a broad consensus, not only at a social level but, as is being seen in the majority of Communities and municipalities, from all political parties”.

The group which is made up of representatives of a number of animal protection charities argues that the presence of wild animals in circuses means enormous suffering for these animals, implies a danger to public safety and puts animal health at risk.

The European Veterinary Federation (FVE) and the General Council of Spanish Veterinary Associations corroborate these facts and for these reasons recommend that the competent authorities ban circus performances with wild animals.

At the rescue centre for wild animals of AAP Primadomus (member of InfoCircos) in Villena (Alicante) 80 per cent of the big cats taken in come from circuses or from breeders linked to circuses.



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