Seamless return to school!

BACK TO SCHOOL: The youngest schoolkids in Villajoyosa returned to class this morning. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Villajoyosa

The youngest school children in Villajoyosa had a seamless return to class this morning kicking off the first term of the 2020/2021 year with all the necessary government rules and measures in place.

SINCE March, teachers and students have had to adapt to the circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic and telematic training has been used to ensure pupils don’t miss out.

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And to ensure a safe return to ‘new normal’, schools in Villajoyosa have provided new accesses to avoid, wherever possible, crowding at entrances.



Councillor for Education, Xente Sebastiá, thanked the Department of Public Safety and the Local Police and Civil Protection for their efforts.

He said the implementation of ‘access protocols’ meant that ‘staggered and quiet entrances’ went smoothly and social distancing was respected.

“The families have taken the news well and are aware of all the measures,” added Sebastiá, appealing for continued “calm and the use of hygienic measures established to combat the Covid as well as social distancing.”


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