Rapid Response Promise

Rapid Response Promise

THE Valencian Community has made a rapid response promise and beefed-up Covid-19 restrictions have been extended for another three weeks.

Speaking last weekend after a video conference with Health chief Ana Barcelo, the regional president Ximo Puig said that the evolution of the coronavirus did not justify easing the tougher restrictions introduced on August 17.

These have now been extended to gambling premises and casinos, which must now close at 1am and may not admit new clients after 12 midnight.


Puig also clarified that the 1.5-metre social distancing rule in restaurants and cafes does not only apply to the distance between tables but also the persons sitting at them.

“It is essential to step up the pace of our control over the pandemic,” Puig declared. “We must be steadfast regarding restrictive and preventive measures.”

In line with these tactics, the Valencian Community will carry out an average of 10,000 PCR tests each day, the president revealed.

Despite earlier reservations regarding the Radar Covid app, the president confirmed that the Generalitat intends to sign the adhesion agreement with the central government.

The app will be introduced gradually throughout the region as technical problems are ironed out.

“This will help us to detect cases rapidly and enable us to provide rapid medical attention,” said Puig.

He also confirmed that the Health department was in touch with the Emergency Military Unit (UME) and that Ministry of Defence Covid-19 contact trackers would soon be operating inside the region.

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