Paid leave for workers in Orihuela if children are forced into isolation

recoverable paid leave
HELP FOR WORKERS: Parents to receive pay if child is forced to isolate. CREDIT: AytoOrihuela

The Orihuela City Council is trying to do what they can to support parents unable to work at municipal buildings due to preventive Covid-19 isolations.

LUISA BÓNE, who is responsible for Human Resources in the Orihuela City Council, has approved potential measures to support families and workers with the introduction of recoverable paid leave.

“With the children returning to school there is a lot of uncertainty and concern among parents about how to deal with those cases in which young children must stay at home due to preventive isolation derived from Covid-19,” announced Bóne.


She explained that the council was there to “offer solutions and provide facilities to workers who may find themselves in that situation.”

Speaking about the offer of paid leave, the councillor said, “depending on the job, the municipal employee may take advantage of the case that a young child must remain at home due to preventive isolation derived from Covid-19 to the flexibility of the working day through a change of shift of work, to perform the tasks and functions of the position through teleworking and ultimately to request a recoverable paid leave.”

The offer of recoverable paid leave will be dependent on the worker accumulating up to 75 hours that will have to be recovered within a maximum period of three months.

Those 75 hours are the number of working hours that coincide with the two weeks a child could be faced with confinement derived by Covid-19 protocols.

Boné took the time to express her gratitude for work already done, “I want to thank the work carried out by the Orihuela City Council’s Occupational Risk Prevention team because they have worked a lot over these months and have risen to the occasion.”

She continued, “All jobs have the necessary collective protection equipment to face the return to work in person with security that will be done in a staggered manner, masks have been distributed and serological tests have been carried out to all municipal employees.”

“We are going to improve the telephone service that it is given to the residents and we are going to provide the necessary facilities to our employees to overcome this pandemic without reducing the quality of services,” Bóne concluded.

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