North Carolina Pressures Biden To Visit The State In The Presidential Race


As the presidential race tightens in North Carolina, voters say they want face time with Biden to increase popularity on a ground that’s key for Trump. 

DEMOCRATS in the state are in desperate need of Biden taking action and stepping foot on the state before it’s too late. One of the main concerned voters, a 61-year-old woman named Debbie George, says he is not doing enough to gain more support among Democrats in North Carolina. She wants him to carry her battleground state and defeat President Donald Trump in the general election. 


Debbie George explained: “He needs to come. He needs to address North Carolinians. Some kind of socially distanced event, a small conference or roundtable,” Then she added: “These rehearsed speeches in front of no one are not cutting it.”

In Biden’s favour, he is still very popular with the state’s large group of black voters thanks to the Obama-era. Also, polls demonstrate that he is doing extremely well with women, suburbanites, and suburban women. To win he will need to fiercely carry these groups and should show himself in person, not just run ads and make small streamed speeches. 

“There’s a worry he needs to be more visible,” Democratic strategist Gary Pearce said.


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