Internet influencers urge youngsters not to be covidiots

MESSAGE: “If we don’t stop the virus it will stop everything again”, the campaign stars say. CREDIT: Govern de les Illes Balears @GovernIllesBalears

INTERNET influencers are urging young people not to be covidiots in a new Balearic Island government campaign to get the younger generation to follow health and safety regulations to prevent the spread of the virus.

The ‘Nobody wants empty streets or to go backwards’ initiative stars Aida Martorell and Marcos White, both from Mallorca, who between them have more than five million followers on social media.

The video features photographs and videos from their Instagram and Tik Tok accounts projected over them, while they warn viewers that “we have all relaxed and dodged measures at some time, but now there is no excuse.


“If we don’t stop the virus it will stop everything again,” they add.

They put on their face masks and the images projected over them change to scenes of empty streets, plazas and a football ground which were recorded during lockdown.

The regional administration pointed out that the most recent Health Service studies on mental health in young people revealed that images of empty public spaces are probably what have the greatest impact on adolescents.

The regional administration said it is very aware of the need to reach youngsters and get the message across about the importance of prevention and behaving responsibly, commenting that this is difficult through conventional channels.

The video is in Spanish and Catalan and is being put out on various digital platforms, including Tik Tok and Instagram. It is also going out on the Balearic government’s social media, on regional public and private TV channels and through messaging tools for mobile phones.


  1. young people are stupid because they have no life experience and are easily influenced by these political criminals
    therefore no one should listen to them
    It is now already admitted that all measures / lockdown were completely superfluous and the mask is ridiculous, as it is supposed to hold back a non-existent virus, although it is much too permeable and only makes people sick – that is exactly one of the goals of political criminals, Throwing as much tax money as possible down the throat of your pharmaceutical amigos


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