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Facebook blocks incurably ill man from livestreaming death. image: Facebook

HERE are a selection of our top engaging posts on Facebook over the weekend and our reader’s comments on them.

UK Government could slash holiday quarantine from a fortnight to eight days

“Given the poor controls and monitoring of those supposedly quarantining, frankly academic and this is more to do with politics than health.” BS


Get ready for rain as DANA hits Spain

“Well considering a fair few peoples in the Balearics follow the Euro Weekly it is accurate, we have been placed on an orange warning from midnight tonight, so no scaremongering going on here.” NS

Covid does for bullfighting what the protesters cannot

“You are right they should not be doing anything to support this disgusting activity.” TK

Facebook Blocks Terminally ill Frenchman’s Wish to Livestream his Own Death

“If terminally ill and in pain…Yes I totally agree with euthanasia. We put our fur babies to sleep if in pain, so why do our loved ones have to suffer?
This gentleman probably wants to show the world that euthanasia is painless and you just go to sleep.” CP

Covid tests could be showing inactive traces of the virus

“Proper journalism well done EWN now keep digging there’s more to this and you know it.” TL

Mystery Lottery winner has only one week to claim €65 million prize!

“Feed and house the Scotland homeless if not claimed.” PB

Scottish travellers enraged at confusion over quarantine measures

“The UK, four countries four separate prime ministers well they think they are what else can you expect when they all differ confused he says confused am I.” AW

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle scoop €120 million Netflix deal
“He has lost all sense of loyalty it’s all about cash and using family’s private business to do so leaves him no credit.” RMS


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