Chulo recovering in horse hospital but needs your help

Chulo horse hospital
HORSE HELPED: Chulo rushed for emergency rescue surgery. CREDIT: Facebook

A uniquely coloured and wonderful looking horse was rushed to hospital over the weekend for live-saving surgery.

CHULO, a 15-year-old male horse, from the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, was taken to the Hospital Veterinario San Vicente after another hard weekend at the rescue centre.


The horse had developed the habit of “wind sucking,” which horses usually develop as a result of boredom or stress.

The centre experienced more torrential rain on Saturday meaning that he had probably been in the stable for a longer period of time.

This made him prone to colic.

On Saturday, worried staff at the centre found him struggling, rolling around in his field in a lot of pain.

Dorothea, the facility’s equine vet, rushed to the rescue centre and tubed him, but it was too serious to be treated in the stables.

At the horse hospital, the vets could see a huge impaction in his greater colon that was also putting pressure on the small intestine.

They immediately decided to perform emergency surgery to save his life.

Chulo horse hospital
IN SURGERY: Chulo rushed in for life-saving op. CREDIT: Facebook

Thankfully, everything went well and Chulo is currently in the intensive care unit. The first days are crucial to know if he can recover.

The team at the rescue centre expressed their gratitude to Manolo, Nacho and Marisa the surgeons and all the team from the Hospital Veterinario San Vicente.

“They are great professionals and they saved the lives of many of our rescues,” read a statement from the Easy Horse Care staff.

Horse surgeries are expensive due to the cost of the procedures and sophisticated equipment and the surgery is likely to cost over €3,000.

As a non-profit foundation staffed entirely by volunteers, Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre relies on donations which would cover the cost.

They desperately need your help.

If you would like to donate toward the care of Chulo, even small donations can make a difference.

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