Arrest after woman was sexually assaulted and left seriously injured in a field

ARREST: The suspect is accused of sexually assaulting a woman and leaving her unconscious in a field. CREDIT: Twitter

Spanish police have arrested a 39-year-old man in connection with a sexual assault on a woman who was left seriously injured in a field in the Zaragoza neighborhood of Valdespartera.

IDENTIFIED as JMCR, the suspect is believed to have attacked the victim between 5.30pm and 9pm on August 11.

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According to a statement from the National Police, the woman called 112 to report the assault and give her whereabouts.

Offices found her “disorientated” and with signs of having been attacked, in a field on the N330.

She claimed a male had picked her up in his car and taken her to an apartment where she was physically and sexually abused.

She was taken to the Maternal and Children’s Hospital, where she was treated for her injuries.

Officers from a Unit for Attention to Family and Women (UFAM) began an investigation which revealed the attacker had “contracted a sexual service to take place his home.

Once at the property, the aggressor allegedly asked for services different from those agreed, which the victim refused.

According to the National Police, given the victim’s refusal to have other types of sexual relations, he subjected her to death threats, hitting her “with great violence” and “with both hands” suffocated her, causing her to lose consciousness.

He then put her in his car and left her in the field where she was found.

After an arduous investigation by the UFAM in Aragon, officers managed to identify, locate and arrest the suspect on September 4.

He appeared in court the same day and was immediately remanded into custody.


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