A man with no mask is confronted by police with no masks

man no mask police no masks
NO MASKS: Man detained for not wearing mask. CREDIT: Twitter

As the year gets crazier, and more rules and regulations are placed on the world, the number of embarrassing incidents begin to rise.

POLICE in Leeds were called to an incident in the car park of the White Rose Shopping Centre where a man was being detained.


Video footage shows the man handcuffed as he clearly struggles to understand why he is in the predicament he’s in.

As the video plays out, it becomes apparent that the man has been handcuffed because he was not wearing a mask in the shopping centre.

The man, who later admits to not wearing a mask, was shackled whilst shopping with his family.

Two police officers arrived on the scene without masks as the situation becomes more embarrassing and equally ridiculous.

A full video of the incident shows one of the police officers standing face-to-face with the man, not observing the social distancing measures, whilst also not wearing a mask.

The other officer stands off to side, also not wearing a mask.

The video closes with the man calling out the double-standard, before the female officer says, “let’s chalk this up to experience.”


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