Tarzan swings into Los Montesinos with new theatrical performances added to the line-up

Theatrical performances
SWINGING IN THE THEATRE: Tarzan among theatrical performances added. CREDIT: Facebook

The Councillor of Culture in Los Montesinos has added two new theatrical performances that the children, and parents, of the municipality will enjoy.

SEPTEMBER 13 and 19 will see two classic children’s performances added to the schedule.


Morán Paredes, has announced that on Sunday, September 13; The Lead Soldier and The Dancer will make its debut at the local auditorium.

That performance will begin at 7pm.

Then on September 19, also at 7pm, the auditorium will see children swinging from the rafters yelling “aahuaaa uaaa uaaaaaaaa” as the classic tale of Tarzan is also added to the bonus theatrical performances.

The capacity is limited and pre-invitation tickets must be picked up in advance in order to attend.

Children from six-years-old must wear a mask.

All necessary Covid-19 safety measures will be followed.

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