Nee Nah, Nee Nah! San Fulgencio gets three new police cars

new police cars
UPGRADE: New vehicles for police force. CREDIT: AytoSanFulgencio

San Fulgencio Police Force has acquired three new vehicles as the force needed an urgent upgrade due to the age of its current fleet.

THE Department of Citizen Security of the City of San Fulgencio, directed by the Mayor, José Sampere, has leased the vehicles stating a need to change them “so that our officers have a more efficient and safer means of transport for the performance of their work.”


The short-term lease guarantees the use of the vehicles until February with talks for longer vehicle hiring already underway.

The new cars have been modified to fully adapt to police functions, one of them equipped with an ethylometer for carrying out breathalyser tests.

José Sampere has expressed the urgent need for the municipality to have a well-trained police force that has the necessary materials available to carry out its work.

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