Kim Jong Un out and about following North Korean typhoon

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un with local officials Credit: Voice of Korea

FOR someone who was recently reported as being in a coma and handing over leadership to his sister, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un looked remarkably healthy as he toured coastal areas of the country which were recently hit by a typhoon.

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According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) more than 1,000 houses were destroyed in coastal areas of South and North Hamgyong provinces and crops had been devastated (in a country where western sources insist that famine is never far away).

After dismissing a local party leader and promising to send 12,000 ‘volunteers’ from capital Pyongyang the leader said that he would punish any official who had failed to help those affected by the typhoon.

Whilst no details of casualties are known, local sources suggest that several people have been injured during this ongoing period of turbulent weather.


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