Spanish cop loses arm and part of leg in crash during anti-drug operation

Spanish cop loses arm

A national police officer has been seriously injured in a crash with a high-end car carrying a large quantity of drugs in Algeciras, Cadiz this morning (Saturday, September 5).

THE vehicle, stolen in Marbella, reportedly rammed a police car, causing serious injuries to an officer inside, who has lost an arm and part of a leg.

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The driver was arrested at the scene, and 16 bales of hashish were found inside the vehicle.

The seriously injured officer has been confirmed as an inspector and Coordinator of Services with the National Police.

His colleague, an officer in training, sustained contusions and a dislocated shoulder. He was hospitalised and has since been dicharged.

Following the incident, police unions have once again called for reinforcements for anti-drug operations in Campo de Gibraltal.

In a statement, General Secretary of the union Jupol, Jose Maria Garcia, has urged the Ministry of Interior to “undertake the reinforcement of both personnel and technical and material means in the hot zones of drug trafficking”.

For its part, the Spanish Confederation of Police (CEP) has stressed that these events “are not isolated” because “they have been repeated with alarming frequency, endangering the lives of police officers and all citizens of the Campo de Gibraltar”.

Earlier this week, three Guardia Civil offifcers were shot and injured while investigating a marihuana plantation in Coto de Bornos.

When the anti-drug trafficking team arrived at the illegal plantation in the rural area of the Cadiz Sierra, they were immediately shot at with hunting guns.

Two arrests have been made.


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