Radar Covid – Yes or No?

Radar Covid For or Against
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THE Valencian Community’s regional Health department is in two minds about the Radar Covid app.

Functioning in eight regions and soon to be rolled out nationwide, the app warns users who have been in close contact with someone who has Covid-19.

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Some Valencia region health professionals question its efficacy, while others cannot understand why it is not yet in use.

“I’m not sure about the real advantages,” Francisco Valls told the Levante-EMV newspaper.

He is on the Board of Rural Medicine and practises in Beniganim (Valencia), where an outbreak of 24 positive Covid-19 cases was recently detected.

Although he thought Radar Covid was a good idea, Dr Valls echoed Health department doubts when he stressed that it was essential to prevent the app from “generating distortions” for coronavirus tracers at primary care centres.

Another doctor, Maria Angeles Medina, president of the Valencian Society of Family and Community Medicine, disagreed.

Also speaking to Levante-EMV, Dr Medina said it was “more than proven” that the app could be of great help.

She could not understand the Health department’s reservations and maintained that Radar-Covid could assist in tracing possible cases, especially bearing in mind personnel shortages at some primary care centres.

Other regions were less “pernickety or more innovative” about Radar Covid, claimed the doctor, who would like to see more backing for technology in combatting Covid-19 outbreaks in the Valencian Community.

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