Last message from murder victim whose body was found in boot of car in Valencia

YESICA: Her body was found in the boot of a car. CREDIT: Twitter

The last message sent by a woman murdered and found in the boot of a car in Valencia has been made public.

THE lifeless body of Argentinian, Yesica, 33, was discovered in the Patraix neighbourhood on August 31, less than two days after she was reported missing by a friend.

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The message, obtained by Espejo Público, is believed to be the victim’s last correspondence before she was murdered.

Yesica is believed to be referring to her partner, who was arrested at Geneva train station by Swiss police yesterday (Thursday, September 3).

It reads: “I have argued with him and I have had a very strong argument. I told him that I wanted to leave him… He’s packing now, the suitcases, this is over. ”

Sources confirmed the deceased’s body showed “signs of violence” and her Colombian partner, 29, who had disappeared, was the prime suspect.

Investigations determined that the suspect could be hiding on the French-Swiss border and an International Arrest Warrant was activated.

The Spanish and Swiss police joined forces and exchanged information that confirmed the detainee was in Geneva, and was intending to leave the country via train.

Geneva’s Cantonel Police set up a surveillance operation at the train station, and he was identified and arrested.

According to reports, there were no previous complaints of mistreatment filed by the victim.

Friend Yasmine, who contacted the police, said Yesica told her that she had strong arguments with her partner, but he had never mistreated her.

“If so, I would have done something,” reports Antena 3.

Yasmine was exchanging messages with her friend until she stopped responding on the Saturday night.

She was concerned at the lack of response and tried to contact Yesica again the next day, without success and reported her as a missing person.


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