Kanye West’s Arizona Dreams Dashed

Kanye West Arizona
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KANYE West will not be part of the Arizona ballot this November as judge Scott McCoy ruled on Thursday.

The judge has barred West after an Arizona resident, Rasean Clayton, challenged his candidacy and filed a lawsuit on Monday establishing that he would probably prevail, getting “people confused” and “throwing away a vote on a disqualified candidate”. This concludes the possibility of irreparable harm if the rapper’s name appears on the November 3 ballot. 


The voter also claimed that the candidate doesn’t have a registered political party and questioned the validity of his designed electors as they were Republicans until they submitted a registration change on Monday and Tuesday and became independent. West is registered as Republican in Wyoming although after previously supporting President Trump, people speculate with him taking black votes from Democratic candidate Joe Biden

One day earlier, Kanye West’s campaign turned in nearly 58,000 nominating signatures, well over the 39,000 needed to appear on the Arizona ballot. Judge McCoy found the lawsuit appealing and decided to bar the candidate. 

Another state, same problem. A judge in Virginia ordered the rapper’s name to be removed from ballots since he failed to meet the requirement of a valid and registered political party. Also, he didn’t qualify to appear on the ballot in Montana, Ohio, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wisconsin among others. The states where he has already qualified are Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Tennessee, and Utah.

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