Denia lands an administrative plum

Denia lands an administrative plum

DENIA will be a base for one of the Generalitat’s XALOC housing offices.

At the last plenary council meeting all political parties apart from the Partido Popular, which abstained, voted to sign an agreement with the regional government’s Housing and Bioclimatic department.

XALOC offices centralise all aspects of housing, rehabilitation of buildings and urban regeneration within the Valencian Community.


Like others in the network, the Denia office will manage social housing, supply information and assessment on accessing housing and process applications for regional housing subsidies.

The office will provide a mediation service while promoting energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

Collaboration between the local and regional administration entail a €70,000 subsidy to cover municipal outlay on staff for the Denia office.

Oscar Mengual, the councillor who carried out the negotiations with the Generalitat’s Housing and Bioclimatic department, explained that the Denia office will be equipped with the same management programmes as the Generalitat.

“This is a great advantage and means that the office will bring the regional administration close to Denia and surrounding area,” Mengual said.

Specialised staff would be able to attend to a wide range of issues, adding to the great work that has been carried out in recent years by Denia’s municipal employees, the councillor added.

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