Days numbered for 902 premium rate customer service lines

902 lines days numbered
UNFAIR: The 902 customer service numbers “increase working families’ bills when they are exercising their right to complain”, according to Consumer Minister Alberto Garzon CREDIT: Ministerio de Consumo Twitter @consumogob

IT looks like the days are numbered for the 902 premium rate customer information and service lines.

The Consumer Ministry is looking at banning numbers with the prefix, which are used by numerous telephone services.

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“We are starting the process for the prohibition of 902, which is going to prohibit the use of these customer service numbers because they increase working families’ bills when they are exercising their right to complain”, Consumer Minister Alberto Garzon said in an interview with Canal Sur radio on Friday morning.

The aim is to put an end to what the minister said was a widespread abuse by companies, which has been made worse by lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic as people have been unable to make enquiries or sort out problems face-to-face and have had to resort to the 902 numbers.

The Consumer Ministry is now preparing a modification to the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users to prevent companies from applying prices which exceed the usual tariffs for a landline or standard mobile phone call for their customer service lines, according to Spanish press.

It was also reported that there will first be a process of public consultation and work with consumer and civil society associations.


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