Breaking News: Leeds ‘Moments Away’ from lockdown as Coronavirus Infection Rates Rise


The city of Leeds has been warned of a coronavirus lockdown if infection rates continue their upward spiral.

THE grim warning came as infection rates in Leeds rose to 29.4 coronavirus cases per 100,000 people – the city is now expected to be added to Public Health England’s watch list as an “area of concern.”


Council leader Judith Blake said it was “a pivotal moment in our efforts to control the spread of the virus. Nobody wants to see further restrictions on life in Leeds. The harsh reality is that if our infection rate continues to rise as it has been, we will be left with no alternative.”

She added: “This is a rise in all different wards across the city, particularly in young adults of all communities. September is a critical time, we have our schools going back and then we have significant numbers of students travelling from all over the country and beyond to come back to our universities.”

A statement is expected at any time from the government on any lockdown or further restrictions for Leeds.

Leicester’s lockdown was lifted recently after seven weeks as new infections continued to plummet, hopefully, the rates in Leeds will be halted by restrictions firstly.


  1. So despite the fact than death rates are non existent, and Covid was downgraded as a highly infectious disease on 19th MARCH!!!!!! the UK government insists on locking people down unnecessarily. INFECTION RATES MEAN NOTHING. SHOW ME WHERE PEOPLE ARE DYING OR STOP THE LOCKDOWNS!!!!!!!!!


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