Altea’s cafeteria projects to go ahead

Altea’s cafeteria projects to go ahead

Altea’s cafeteria projects to go ahead after counsellors voted in favour.

COUNCILLORS voted in favour of putting out to tender a contract of remodel the sports centre’s cafeteria and gymnasium.

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Appeals and objections to both were rejected at the last plenary meeting and at the same time it was decided to go ahead with the reforming the cafeteria at the Centre for the Elderly (former CEAM).

The PSOE-Compromis coalition and Ciudadanos backed the motion, while the Partido Popular opposed it.

Social Welfare councillor Jose Luis Leon Gascon and Sports councillor Pere Barber, who presented the motion, both stressed the advantages of the projects.  The cafeterias are currently closed and the concessions to run them, together with the gymnasium, would not only benefit the public but bring in income at the same time, the councillors pointed out.

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