Lab worker knifes boss claiming positive Covid-19 test result his fault

INJURED: The lab head suffered a stab wound in the arm CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

AN Almeria hospital laboratory worker infected with Covid-19 is under arrest for knifing his boss, blaming him for his positive test result.

The angry employee, who had been in quarantine, left the lab head with a stab wound in the arm.

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Almeria police detained the aggressor, identified as 44-year-old RFCF, shortly after the 091 emergency service centre reported the attack at the Torrecardenas hospital in the provincial capital at midday on Tuesday.

Hospital staff informed officers that the lab worker had tested positive for the virus, and from that moment they took every precaution and followed all the measures set out in the Covid-19 action protocol to the letter.

An Almeria court has ordered the 44-year-old be held in prison.


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