Breaking News: Police Drag Away Extinction Rebellion Protesters Near Parliament

90+ arrested in Extinction Rebellion march through London & Manchester after climate group declares 10 days of ‘disruption’. image: Twitter

British Police are at present dragging away Extinction Rebellion protesters who have gathered near the houses of Parliament.

THE demonstrators are practising ‘extended non-cooperation’ to try and drain resources, lying on the ground and waving flags with the XR logo. Officers have so far made 160 arrests for various offences including breaching Public Order conditions obstructing the highway, obstructing police and assault on an emergency worker. The campaigners, who have also gathered at the same time in Manchester, are urging the government to prepare for an imminent ‘climate crisis.’ The video below was posted yesterday and shows a 92 year-old-man being arrested by police. Video credit, Extinction Rebellion UK.


London Police Commander Jane Connors had said protesters faced arrest if they did not comply with conditions set out by police which allows demonstrations to take place. These conditions include orders on where the demonstration is allowed to go, it also bans the use of vehicles. However, protesters still ended up being arrested, this time for sitting across the road and blocking traffic.

The Extinction Rebellion (XR) had announced plans for a new ‘UK Rebellion’, with plans to peacefully disrupt Parliament earlier this year.


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