35 cases of Covid found in care home

care home
Outbreak at care home in Murcia. Credit: Facebook

AN outbreak of 35 positive cases of Covid in the care home Hermanitas de Los Pobres, in Murcia, has been discovered affecting 27 residents, four carers and four nuns.

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A team is already working on disinfection and cleaning of the facilities, while PCR tests are being carried out on all residents and employees.

In a statement, the Murcian Health Service has indicated that it has already taken action in collaboration with the carers from the residence.

In addition, a logistics team has also been deployed to support the disinfection and cleaning of the care home.

A health team, made up of three doctors and two nurses, is working on the clinical evaluation of all positive cases as well as on establishing the necessary measures to prevent the contagion from spreading further.

Once they have the clinical evaluation of the affected residents, the health professionals will contact all the family members individually to report their health status.

The affected carers will be under isolation in their homes, while the reference hospitals have been alerted for the possible transfer of patients.

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