Turre Dames tuned in to music school request for help

REMOVALS TEAM: Music school Treasurer Fina Gomez, Turre Mayor Martin Morales, Barbara Wardley, school President Lucia Campoy and Eileen McGill pick up the piano CREDIT: Zoe Griffiths

THE Dames in Turre have shown once again that they are very much in tune with the local community.

When the Turre music school contacted the Dames to see if they could help them out with the purchase of a piano, association president Lesley Barlow put a request on social media to see what was out there.

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Simon Huskins from Twister on Mojacar Playa got in touch, and very kindly said he would be glad to donate his family piano for free.

So Dames in Turre committee members Eileen McGill and Barbara Wardley, with the help of the music school committee and Turre Mayor Martin Morales, collected the piano from Mojacar and delivered it to the music school in Turre.

Although the Turre Mayor couldn’t resist having a little tryout tickle of the ivories on the way!

CREDIT: Zoe Griffiths


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