Town announces plans to introduce energy efficient LED lighting

San Pedro
Modern lighting for San Pedro Credit: Marbella Council

ALTHOUGH administratively part of Marbella, councillors in San Pedro Alcantara have a certain amount of autonomy and it has been announced that there is a new programme to introduce their Energy Efficiency Plan.

This will see the eventual conversion of all publicly owned street lighting to adopt LED technology as those bulbs consume 75 per less electricity than a traditional bulb.

In addition, LED lighting requires less maintenance, lasts longer and when first switched on, uses far less power to start illumination, thus seeing a long-term financial saving on street lighting.


This new strategy will also allow for new street furniture to house the lights to be introduced and the first phase of the changeover will take five months to implement with more than 350 pieces of equipment to be installed in some of the busiest areas of the town.


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