Missing woman reappears after quarter of a century

Asturias missing woman reappears
INVESTIGATION: Local Police established the woman is the same person who was last ween in Leon in 1995 CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Siero

A WOMAN who went missing in Leon quarter of a century ago has reappeared in Asturias.

Local Police in Siero came across the 68-year old Argentinian disorientated and badly dehydrated at her home in the La Fresnada area of the town.

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It was her neighbours who raised the alarm at the weekend that something might be wrong, as she lived alone and they hadn’t seen her for several days.

Finding the property locked from the inside police had to force their way in. They reportedly found her sitting on the floor and unable to move.

Due to the state she was in officers were not able to find out who she was at the time, but subsequent investigations led to the confirmation she was the same person whose family reported her disappearance all the way back in 1995 when she was 43..

In the following years investigators worked on several hypothesis about what could have happened to her. When the body of a woman washed up on the Cantabrian shore in 2001 it was at first thought it might be her, although DNA analysis later ruled this out.

For now the woman is being cared for at the Asturias Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias and the case has been put in the hands of Siero council Social Services department.

According to Spanish press her family has personally thanked the Local Police who working in coordination with National Police went to their relative’s rescue and for their efforts to clear up the mystery of her identity.

The mystery of where she has been for the last 25 years remains unknown.


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