Cash help to local businesses to speed along economic bounce-back

AIM: The council is seeking to minimise the impact of the crisis and drive economic activity. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Vera

VERA council has awarded hundreds of local businesses a cash payout as part of its plans to speed along the bounce-back of the economy from the blow dealt by the pandemic.

Mayor Jose Carmelo Jorge Blanco revealed there are 307 beneficiaries from the “Vera Impulsa” subsidy initiative, which makes up part of the Municipal Economic Reactivation and Stimulus Plan.

“This represents a cost of €359,000 to the municipal coffers to try and alleviate the consequences of the economic crisis created by Covid-19 and drive economic activity in Vera”, the Mayor explained.


It’s about “minimising the impact of the economic crisis and producinga reactivation of the local economy as soon as possible in our municipality”, Jorge Blanco stressed.

Outlining the details of the initiative, Treasury councillor Alfonso Perez revealed the local authority has allocated payments of €1,000 to 187 businesses which were forced to halt their activities due to the health emergency situation.

A further 120 subsidies of €600 are for companies which saw their income plummet by 75 per cent.

The council has just processed the first round of payments (150 of €1,000 and y 83 de €600). The second round of payments will be made when there the budget allocation is available.

Perez said the cash assistance represented “support to the businesses most affected, and which are having a very difficult time in these such complicated moments.”

The council will shortly by announcing the remaining notifications for obtaining help under its fiscal incentives programme for companies and the self-employed.


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