Fines for positive Covid-19 quarantine breakers

POSSIBILITY: Implementing special measures in specific districts, zones and buildings remains on the table, the regional government spokeswoman said after a meeting with regional party spokespersons CREDIT: Francina Armengol Twitter @F_Armengol

ANYONE breaking quarantine in the Balearic Islands after testing positive for Covid-19 could find themselves faced with a fine.

Regional government spokesperson Pilar Costa announced on Monday the sanctions to be applied in such cases would be looked at in terms of whether the person was a re-offender and how great the risk of possible infections.

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Costa made the comments after a videoconference meeting on Monday on pandemic-related matters between herself, Balearic President Francina Armengol and regional Health minister Patricia Gomez, and the spokespersons of the different regional political groups.

Costa also said the possibility of implementing special measures in specific districts, zones and buildings remained on the table.

She said there could be partial lockdowns if that were to be necessary.


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