Taekwondo students give their all

PROUD: “We are honoured to have you as our students”, the taekwondo club's instructor Mr Dewree told the youngsters. CREDIT: Taekwondo Mojacar

TAEKWONDO Mojacar students gave everything they had at Saturday’s black belt grading to gain their new belts.

The youngsters took on a series of challenges.

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They produced a thesis on Taekwondo, learned the Korean names of all blocks, did hand attacks and kicks, presented all the patterns from white belt, fought one-on-one and two-on-one.

CREDIT: Taekwondo Mojacar

They even participated in friendly matches with no rules and broke boards with different techniques.

All that, and much, much more to show that they were worthy of their new belts.

Mr Williams (4th Dan), Mr Dewree (2nd Dan) and Ms Linschoten (2nd Dan), granted the belts to Talia Vickery and Thomas De Groot, who were fighting their way to their black bets.

Also to Maite Scheyvaerts, who advanced to red/black, just one belt away from black belt.

“Congratulations to all of you. This is a very important achievement”, the taekwondo club’s instructor Mr Dewree told them.

“We at Taekwondo Mojacar are very proud and honoured to have you as our students.”


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