Responsible behaviour key to battling Covid-19 pandemic in Mallorca

VITAL ROLE: Local councils are key to keeping the public informed about health safety measures aimed at reducing infections, the Balearic president told Mallorca’s mayors CREDIT: Govern Illes Balears Noticis

DRIVING home the message about behaving responsibly is key to winning the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, the Balearic president has told Mallorca’s council leaders.

Speaking to the mayors via video conference, Francina Armengol underlined the vital role the local authorities play as the institutions closest to residents in keeping the public informed about the health safety measures aimed at reducing the number of infections.

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She called for the councils’ “maximum involvement” in putting out information on rules and regulations related to Covid-19 and in looking out for compliance with the measures to prevent the virus spreading.

Armengol particularly highlighted the importance of ensuring compliance with the newly introduced restriction which limits social and family gatherings to no more than 10 people and on reducing social contacts to only those which are essential.

The public need to be responsible in order to contain the advance of the virus and to stem the recent growth in new case numbers the Balearic Islands are currently experiencing, she said.

The Balearic president expressed her gratitude for the local authorities’ “collaboration and loyalty”, and for beefing up efforts to disinfect public spaces and inspections to ensure the regulations are being followed.

She also pledged the regional administration will provide the councils with support in finding ways to increase municipal police forces and to speed up the process for providing local administrations with information on new Covid-19 cases.

A further pledge was to invest €800,000 via the local cooperation funds in cleaning primary schools.


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