Guardia Civil find an elderly couple who wandered away from care home

Elderly couple
Officers rescued the two elderly people Credit: Guardia Civil

A CARE home for the elderly in a Madrid suburb alerted the Guardia Civil that two residents who suffered from the effects of dementia had disappeared from the building.

The Guardia Civil Air Service Helicopter Group based in Torrejon de Ardoz was scrambled and began a reconnaissance of the area around the residence and its adjacent roads.

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At around 8pm that evening the crew of the helicopter observed two people apparently stuck in an area of brambles near to the Rio Tejo who answered the description of the missing couple.

After the aircraft landed, two members of the crew approached these people to help them because they were trapped and it was discovered that both were very disoriented, dehydrated and bruised, with the woman showing symptoms of hypothermia due to the low temperatures in the area.

Officers from the Guardia Civil’s Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group who went by vehicle to the point marked by the helicopter crew helped to assist these people and transfer them to a health centre in the town of Guadarrama.


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