Explosion in Abu Dhabi prior to arrival of Israeli and US delegations

Scene of explosion
Scene of the Abu Dhabi explosion Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

AN Israeli news site reports that an explosion has taken place in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) near to the International Airport which is due to see the arrival of delegations from Israel and the United States.

The fact that the UAE Government has recognised the State of Israel and is establishing diplomatic relationships has not been welcomed by other Arab states and has been called ‘an act of betrayal’ by the Palestine leadership.

The Abu Dhabi explosion destroyed two restaurants which are located on Rashid bin Saeed Street, known as “airport road” according to the Israeli report and other businesses have been damaged with a reported two people killed.


The Abu Dhabi police say that this explosion was caused by a faulty gas connection and at this stage there appears to be no terrorist connection.

A second explosion was reported in Dubai (also part of the UAE), when a gas cylinder exploded resulting in one death and the destruction of a restaurant but this seems to be a coincidental accident.


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