British Government pays reality TV stars to promote NHS Test and Trace system

Shaughna Phillips
Love Island contestant Shaughna Phillips was paid for her endorsement Credit: ITV

THE Cabinet Office headed up by MP Michael Gove has already been accused of placing contracts without going through the tender process and now admits that it has been paying up to £10,000 (€11,000) for reality TV stars to promote NHS Test and Trace.

The problem has been that not enough people have actually taken up the opportunity to enrol for Test and Trace and therefore the Government thought that using Love Island celebrities such as Shaughna Phillips and Chris Hughes would get the message across more quickly and they say it has helped.

Unfortunately, there was a slight glitch in the concept when many of those being paid overlooked mentioning that they were advertising on behalf of the British Government although when the Advertising Standards Authority got involved the Cabinet Office made sure that the truth appeared on their posts.


According to the Evening Standard, it didn’t really help that two of those endorsing the system posted images of themselves outside of the UK ignoring the concept of social distancing.


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