Climber seriously injured in nasty fall in Valldemossa mountains

Climber suffers nasty fall
OPERATION: Guardia Civil and fire service mountain rescue teams get the injured climber down to an ambulance CREDIT: Bombers de Mallorca Twitter @BombersdeMca

A CLIMBER was left with serious injuries after a nasty fall in the Valldemossa mountains.

The 27-year plunged some seven metres in an area of s’Estret on Friday evening.


According to reports he suffered a broken thigh bone and had numerous blows to his body.

Mountain rescue teams from the Inca and Soller firefighting services’ and the Guardia Civil, along with Valldemosa Local Police, took part in the operation to get to the climber and get him safely down to the awaiting ambulance.

Once the health emergency team had checked over and stablised the injured 27-year old he was transferred to Palma’s Son Espases hospital.


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