Computers for vulnerable schoolkids under digitalisation plan

Computers for vulnerable schoolkids
ADDITIIONAL TOOL: “Digitalisation is not an alternative to face-to-face schooling, it is a complement, a help”, the regional Education minister commented CREDIT: Conselleria Educació, Universitat i Recerca de les Illes Balears Facebook @EDUNIB

THE Balearic government is making 7,000 computers available to vulnerable school children for the new school year.

The move is part of the regional Education ministry’s digitalisation plan for the islands’ schools, with the aim of making it possible for teaching to continue online in the event the pandemic situation makes it necessary.

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“Digitalisation is not an alternative to face-to-face schooling, it is a complement, a help, increasingly more necessary for efficient learning, which is a response to the challenges of the 21st century”, explained Balearic Education minister Mart March at a press conference on Friday.

March said the state of alarm and the closure of education centres had taught schools, teachers, families and the regional administration about the problems of distance teaching without adequate means and therefore the need for the digitalisation plan as “another key tool.”

Among the main measures are initial online training for 5,000 teachers between September and October.

Also a digital support platform for families and pupils to help them on issues related to online teaching and another for schools and teachers


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