Senior Ugandan Diplomats Recalled from Denmark After Zoom Meeting Hits Social Media

Ugandan Ambassador
Ambassador Elly (in red) presenting her credentials in 2019 Credit: Twitter

SO embarrassed is the Uganda Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the circulation on social media of a zoom meeting that it has recalled the most senior Ugandan Diplomats in Denmark to explain their actions.

The discussion that was recorded featured a zoom conference between the Head of Mission Madhvani Nimisha Elly (who was only appointed in 2019) and various members of Embassy staff who were talking about what to do with unspent funds for the 2019/2020 financial year.

During this discussion it was suggested that money left over from Covid-19 support funds could be shared on a basis of $4,000 (€3,380) per day for eight days and that auditors could be ‘persuaded’ to overlook the matter as had happened previously in Switzerland.



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