‘Return to school’ preparations well underway

DEEP CLEAN: Villajoyosa intensifies 'back to school' cleaning programme. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Villajoyosa

EDUCATIONAL centres in Villajoyosa are undergoing an intense programme of cleaning and disinfecting ahead of the imminent return to school.

Local Police patrols at access points will also be stepped up as the town’s children begin their school year after a lengthy break due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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In addition to the usual cleaning tasks to remove dirt, a “special action” is being undertaken with disinfectant products included in the WHO recommendations for their virucidal effectiveness, based on 0.5 per cent sodium hypochlorite for the disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and 70 per cent ethyl alcohol to disinfect specialised equipment that can be reused by staff.

A tiered protocol for entry to the centres has also been established for different age groups and some access points have been modified “for greater security at school entrances and exits”.

The Local Police will be involved in controlling these accesses at school start and finish times, in order to avoid crowding.

Councillor for Education, Xente Sebastià, described a recent meeting with the school management to thrash out all of the issues as “very positive.”

“All the issues regarding safety protocol for the start of the term were reviewed, and that both parties worked proactively to find solutions to any possible problems that might arise with the new system of access to the centres.”

He also praised “the complete willingness and dedication of the great team of teaching professionals to ensure that the school year starts with the greatest guarantees of safety” and assured that “the schools in Villajoyosa are prepared to start the term.”


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