Covid is the kiss of death for affection

Elbow bumps have replaced hugs. Credit: Twitter

WITH people around the world adhering to social distancing measures and self-isolation to halt the spread of the virus, many of us could be feeling the effects of the lack of human touch.

Are you missing giving your partner a big hug? Holding someone’s hand? Or make like the Spanish and kissing on the cheek.

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Have your firm meaningful handshakes been replaced by awkwardly bumping elbow or nodding gestures?

Most of us are accustomed to a certain level of physical touch on a daily basis, whether it be platonic or otherwise. But for those who are sadly quarantining alone, no physical contact, loneliness and social isolation may cause further health concerns.

Lacking touch can affect people in ways than they may never have considered.

Touch is the language of connecting one another. It starts as a parent and child bond then between friends, family or lovers.

Also, it’s not only about emotions, being deprived of touch can impact psychologically and even physically.

Now there is nothing better than a big, tight bear hug, but if you’re struggling with this, there are alternatives that can give similar health benefits. These could be video chatting, singing, dancing or yoga with others via an online platform which could also be great substitutes for physical contact and inclusion.

Shaking hands and kissing hello may be changed forever and there are suggestions that gestured greetings like a nod or wave may replace them. However, it is still of great importance to find ways to reintroduce the human touch into interactions without allowing physical or mental health to be put on the line.


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