Almeria neighbourhood sees 186 Marijuana plants seized

Irishman one of 11 arrested in drugs kidnap in Spain
Irishman one of 11 arrested in drugs kidnap in Spain. Credit: Pixabay

A married couple have been arrested in the Pescadería neighbourhood of Almeria with 186 Marijuana plants seized.

THE narcotics raid, which was carried out on August 19, saw a cash total of €3,250 retrieved. The cash and Marijuana plants were seized along with a vast array of growing equipment including lamps, extractor, fans, irrigation system, etc.

Police first became aware of an issue in the area after receiving multiple complaints about frequent and reoccurring power outages in the area.


The subsequent investigation and raid uncovered two substantial marihuana plantations being grown by a married couple in their family home which they share with their children, who are both minors.

The plantations were set up to grow and harvest over 100 marijuana plants however the electrical supply required to run the operation was too much for the local grid to handle and did not go unnoticed.

The couple have been detained and passed over to the courts on two charges; one for a crime against public health and another for fraud of electricity.

The raid is the latest in Spain’s war on drugs, with two Narcos busted bringing hundreds of kilos of drugs onto shores of Spain’s Costa del Sol earlier this month and rally driver, Juan Jose Garcia Rodriguez, recently arrested in Calpe, accused of trafficking large-scale amounts of cocaine. 


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